Pollution Impact on Life

Please read the following carefully before making any assessment on the facts and figures given shared on that page.
  • General public and government both needs to work hand in hand to improve air pollution situation.
  • The purpose of sharing below facts is to encourage people for a green and healthy Pakistan.
  • Life Expectancy in the facts given below means "increase in human life for achieving WHO air pollution standards".
  • Number of Cigarette Smoking in the states given below means "health impact equivalent to smoking that number of cigaretts per day while living in a particular area for a period of 6 months".

Pollution Impact on Life in different areas of Peshawar

StationLife ExpectancySmoking Equivalent
CITY DISTT GOVT0 Year(s)0 Smoke(s)
PARD PESHAWAR0 Year(s)0 Smoke(s)
KPEZDMC0 Year(s)0 Smoke(s)
CHAMBER OF COMMERCE0 Year(s)0 Smoke(s)
CS OFFICE0 Year(s)0 Smoke(s)
HAJI CAMP STAND0 Year(s)0 Smoke(s)
SIDB KOHAT ROAD0 Year(s)0 Smoke(s)
LGE & RDD0 Year(s)0 Smoke(s)
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